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We hear from many of our new clients that they want personalized services from a company that they know and trust--not from filling out an online ticket and waiting for someone they've never met to show up to work on their problem.  We take pride in really knowing you, your organization, and your specific network needs.  

It takes real trust for our clients to allow us to manage their most valuable business asset--their data--and we never take that for granted.  We have deep, lasting business relationships with our clients--many going back twenty years or more, and you can count on our commitment and integrity.

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We pride ourselves on making recommendations that will serve you well now, and well into the future.  We recommend and support Dell servers, SonicWALL network security appliances, and Microsoft software, among others.

Navigating the many choices available to local governments is no easy task, and we provide guidance with backup solutions, disaster recovery plans, anti-virus and malware protection, cloud-based technologies, and more.

Put us to work for your locality today.

Simple and affordable backup software with BackupAssist

Are you neglecting to protect your valuable data because you're too busy with "real work"?

It's a fact that many businesses and local government offices don't backup their data properly with a secure media rotation plan and at least one off-site backup. For many offices, managing a backup system is a major hassle, especially for staff already struggling to complete their daily tasks.

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What is required is a formal backup system... a proven set of procedures that ensures your data is backed up securely and in its entirety. A proven system runs like clockwork, giving you a foolproof framework for protecting your data.

Up until now, the backup software that gives you such a system has been hideously expensive and complicated. Fortunately, this has now changed with a new, innovative product called BackupAssist, which is now used by thousands of businesses in over 100 countries.

BackupAssist is the ideal backup program for small and medium businesses and local governments. It's a simple, affordable software package that lets your backups run on autopilot. It manages all the components of a comprehensive backup system - scheduling, monitoring and media rotation - out of the box, so that even non-technical users can have a bullet-proof backup system without being a computer genius.  Add-ins are available to backup SQL Server databases, Microsoft Exchange email servers, and more.

BackupAssist's features are designed to automate the backup system, thus minimizing the amount of time and effort spent managing backups, while at the same time increasing reliability. Setup is a breeze, with configuration wizards taking the user through each step. Implementing a rock-solid backup scheduling is as quick and simple as choosing one of several preconfigured, industry-standard media rotation schemes.  BackupAssist can backup to local USB hard drives, to a network storage device (NAS device), to a network share, or to the cloud.

In short, BackupAssist is an ideal backup solution that allows staff to concentrate on core activities rather than worrying about backups. It also provides a foolproof backup system for the business' critical data at a very competitive price.

Concise is a BackupAssist Gold  Reseller.  Whether your backups are done locally, to the cloud, or are a combination of both, we can advise you on the best strategy for your office.  Contact us today and let us help with making sure your disaster recovery plan is complete and secure, while remaining cost-effective at the same time.